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Our Process

Depending on complexity, quality of information, and level of sophistication reports are generally completed 2-4 weeks after formal submission of an application. Reports may be from twelve to sixty pages in length.

Initial Discovery Call

We learn about you, your business and your goals for appraisal.

We Provide a Quote

We match your specific needs to one of our qualified appraisers.

Sign Engagement

All parties sign an engagement letter with terms and conditions.

Submit Financials

Financials and business documention are submitted.

Note: It is essential that financial information be organized and accurate to avoid delays or any additional costs.
If there is a real estate component to a transaction we can refer to licensed real estate appraisers.

Our Services

We work directly with clients having the following business appraisal needs:
Purchase & Sale

Smart New York, New Jersey, Boston, and New England Business Owners and Buyers routinely engage Boston Valuation Services to set the selling price and defend it, or to understand the valuation prior to due diligence and price negotiations.

Estate & Gift

Boston Valuation Services performs valuations in support of various gifting strategies, as well as in support of family related probate requirements.

Valuation for Divorce

Boston Valuation Services performs business valuations in support of divorce proceedings, working either jointly retained or on behalf of one spouse

SBA Business Appraisals

Boston Valuation Services credentialed sources are qualified to perform appraisals in support of SBA financing. Our reports are compliant with all SBA SOP’s.

Buy-Sell Agreements

Boston Valuation Services performs business valuations in support of buy-sell agreements, as well as shareholder disputes.

Litigation Support

We provide litigation support for shareholder disputes, lost profits, shareholder oppression, commercial litigation, and various other reasons.

Different situations have different valuation standards which may vary state by state, and courtroom to courtroom.  We take the time to understand the valuation need and then match the need with the appropriate valuation expert.  Boston Valuation Services has a full range of credentialed experts under contract including those compliant with the six SBA Qualified Source credentials.  We can work with client or his CPA.