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When applying for an SBA loan, obtaining a business valuation is an essential step. It is used to calculate the value of your company and establish its creditworthiness. A good business valuation should provide an accurate assessment of your company’s current worth, and it should include detailed financial information such as revenue, profits, and liabilities. The process typically involves analyzing past financial history as well as industry trends, examining current cash flow, and projecting future income potential. An experienced appraiser can help you accurately determine the value of your business in order to obtain a favorable loan rate and terms. Additionally, since lenders require up-to-date valuations when approving SBA loans, keeping the document updated is critical for getting approved in a timely manner.

Boston Valuations is a professional business valuations firm that helps clients determine the value of their business for obtaining an SBA Loan. With access to advanced proprietary valuation techniques, Boston Valuations not only takes into consideration tangible assets, such as real estate and inventory, but also intangible elements like customer loyalty and brand recognition. The Boston Valuations team offers comprehensive, accurate, and objective advice in order to provide each individual client with the most up-to-date market values of their business. With the help of Boston Valuations’ experienced advisors, clients can rest assured that they are getting an accurate assessment of their company’s worth in order to get favorable rates when applying for an SBA Loan.

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